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Worship Links for 5/31/2020


Are you wearing red today in honor of Pentecost?

Link to the full service video:  https://youtu.be/r2zlQr4ZV8Y 

Link to the sermon only video:  https://youtu.be/5H8MLHo9mdk

Sermon manuscript:  The Mighty Deeds of God

I want to highlight two things mentioned in the announcements in case you all skip over those: 

1.  First Presbyterian Church staff and officers will NEVER contact you via text or email seeking money.

We will NEVER ask you to personally front money for ministry, mission, or compassionate purposes.

We have the Deacons’ fund that has been specifically designated to address these kinds of events. So, if you receive something purporting to be from us — particularly on a weekend or during a time when the office is not open — please contact the person directly by the phone number in the church directory to confirm what is going on. We want to discourage those who would seek to take advantage of the trust and fellowship we have in Jesus Christ. 

This is a reminder because I saw online that scammers have been targeting the Village Church in Incline Village. 

2.  Below my signature and the announcements is a repeat of the update we provided regarding when and how we plan on preparing to re-open in-person worship services.

Your brother in Christ,

Bob Davis



On Tuesday, May 26, the session met to discuss when and how to begin moving towards having in-person worship. At the same time, Governor Sisolak announced that Nevada was entering Phase 2, which included:

"I strongly urge places of worship to continue to provide online or virtual services as much as possible to protect those they serve, especially those who are among our vulnerable populations.

"That said, in Phase 2, places of worship may reopen their doors for gatherings with a maximum of 50 people attending a service at a time and strict social distancing of at least six feet. This aligns with our new guidance on all public and private gatherings."

The actions and decisions taken by the session were congruent with the Governor’s announcement. Specifically,

1.  We will be continuing to provide online services only on Sunday through the month of June.

2.  When we have the proper procedures in place, we will open the doors for people to come watch the production shoots on Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon. The Praise Team has been recording on Wednesday at 5:45 p.m. The liturgist, elder of the day, and pastor have been recording Thursday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. 

DO NOT COME YET – WE WILL ANNOUNCE WHEN WE HAVE THE PROPER PROCEDURES IN PLACE. When we are ready, we will open the doors for up to 50 people to come and attend the recording sessions in the sanctuary. Only the sanctuary and narthex (space outside the sanctuary) will be open. The only door that will be open will be the Division Street entrance. 

Among many other details, we have some work to do to ensure that we have appropriate:

  • Entry and exit procedures;
  • Established safe-distance seating practices and have trained our ushers to be able to facilitate the movement to and from those seats;
  • Safety procedures for those leading worship; and 
  • Sufficient cleaning processes between Wednesday night and Thursday.

By maintaining our current schedule and practice while implementing safe distancing and cleaning protocols, we believe that we can bridge and effectively train staff and volunteers for the time when we are ready for in-person worship and numbers in excess of 50. 

As we move through this bridge time, there are several things important to note:

1.  Masks will be mandatory for anyone coming to attend. Those who are leading and being filmed will not be wearing masks, but everyone else must. We will emphasize that people need to self-check and not attend if they are not feeling well or at all symptomatic. Additionally, we will be taking temperatures at the door. 

2.  The taping sessions will NOT be a full FPC worship service —specifically, there may be multiple takes and the entire service is not happening at one time. We pray that these times are worshipful and pleasing in God’s sight, but they are constructed to produce the video that will be incorporated in the full service that the entire congregation can share online on Sundays. 

3.  It is HIGHLY likely people attending will not be able to sit in their “normal” seat. We are producing video and moving cameras and sound equipment throughout the sanctuary. Entire sections will be blocked off; those attending will be required to sit in pews specifically identified for those sessions.

This is our best solution for accomplishing three separate priorities: a) training staff and volunteers for the new requirements; b) allowing for some public gathering of the flock for those who are comfortable; and, c) to minimize any perception of “pressure” for people to feel that they should be “in worship.” We know that everyone is looking for the day when we can gather without anxiety and restriction. We believe this is a good first step in that direction.

In the meantime, we will continue with the full service video being our corporate expression of worship.  That way, no one misses out. Those who want to meet, can during the week. Those who are vulnerable or uncomfortable are not missing out.

Further information will be forthcoming as we get the pieces in place to move to this new stage. Thank you for your patience and your prayers.