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What to Expect

Expect to arrive and be greeted by people who are glad you walked in the door. Expect that you can relax because people will let you come and check things out without getting a big name tag! Expect a worship service centered in joyful praise of God for the gift of new life, focused on knowing and learning to live God’s word. Expect music and singing that is timeless and traditional, new, and alive. Expect to laugh, to think, to pray and be still, to hear God’s word proclaimed in a timeless way that applies to today. Expect to meet people who will invite you to a coffee fellowship and maybe even lunch! Expect things to be real. But most of all come with the expectation that God will be at work in your life because God IS!

Why FPC Carson City?

We think for the same reason we do; because real people are meeting the real love of God in a real setting where people live honestly with one another sharing joys and sorrows; learning to be authentic. We think you’ll come because this is a place that God calls you; because it won’t be by accident, but because God told you that you need to be here and are needed here. Most of all we think you’ll come because you will know you stand with others who are seeking to live as people who have been set free to show God’s amazing grace.