March 2023 - It is with deep sadness and loss that we announce the passing of Pastor Bob Davis into the presence of Jesus earlier this month.   

Please be in prayer for his family.  Contact the office with questions or for more information 775-882-1032 M-Th 9-4.

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FPC Mid-Week Announcements 7-22-2020

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Here is the link for our mid-week announcements:

This is actually the link to the second attempt to upload it.  I tried at the church and — if the upload estimate was accurate — it would have completed sometime Thursday afternoon.  So, this attempt is from my more typical location.  The reason I tell you this is to supplement some of the comments in the announcements regarding the livestream.  We are getting the sanctuary building hard-wired so that we can livestream worship from the sanctuary.  We cannot do it with our wireless speeds.  This exercise in video uploading is kind of a case-in-point.

Though we are not able to livestream yet, tonight’s recording session will tell us how much more practice we need in order to record all the way through a service.  As soon as we are confident that we can do so in a way that produces a quality video, we can transition from the recording sessions to in-person worship in the sanctuary on a Sunday morning.  The earliest that will be is August 2.  The most likely time is August 9.  We will make sure to announce in plenty of time that everyone can plan accordingly.

Other than that, enjoy the announcements!


Your brother in Christ,