March 2023 - It is with deep sadness and loss that we announce the passing of Pastor Bob Davis into the presence of Jesus earlier this month.   

Please be in prayer for his family.  Contact the office with questions or for more information 775-882-1032 M-Th 9-4.

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FPC Mid-Week Announcements 7-1-2020

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Here is the link for the mid-week announcements:


A couple of comments:

--  Sorry about the ring light reflecting in my glasses.  I did not realize how distracting it was today until I started looking on my computer.  If it gets too bad, look away and pretend I am on radio.

--  I am experimenting with a couple of technical things (not the ring light, obviously).  I am curious whether anyone will notice a difference.  It is not something so obvious that it should just jump at you; rather, there may be some very subtle variations from how things have looked in previous weeks.

--  No, I do not know whose hat is on the seat in the choir section behind me.

Also, just to follow up on what I say in the announcement regarding texts and/or emails using my name to ask for money — 

First Presbyterian Church staff and officers will NEVER contact you via text or email seeking money.

We will NEVER ask you to personally front money for ministry, mission, or compassionate purposes.

We have the Deacons’ fund that has been specifically designated to address these kinds of events. So, if you receive something purporting to be from us — particularly on a weekend or during a time when the office is not open — please contact the person directly by the phone number in the church directory to confirm what is going on. We want to discourage those who would seek to take advantage of the trust and fellowship we have in Jesus Christ. 

And, finally, if you would like to read my explanation of where we are (as opposed to trying to figure out what I said), I have included that below my signature.

Your brother in Christ,

Bob Davis


Here’s the tension:

1.  We are getting together to record the elements for the worship videos on Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon.  In the weeks we have done this, we have had — literally — less than 10 people show up.  I realize that recording sessions are not the same as Sunday morning worship; however, the invitation to connect and be together in the sanctuary has been open.  People are longing to get back together; but when it comes right down to it, they are not taking the available opportunities. 

2.  We have a lot of people who are vulnerable and have underlying conditions. They have been relying on the recording to maintain their connection with the church. To that end, what we have done has been successful thus far. 

3.  We do not currently have the equipment to be able to live-stream.  The equipment we are using is my personal equipment.  We are ordering — but have not yet received — the equipment that IS capable of both recording a service in real time and live-streaming it. 

The thinking when Session met last was: if we are able to coordinate the receipt, installation, and training to be able to do the service in linear form (so that it could be recorded and then, when fully installed, live stream), we will go back live.  The idea was that we then could have the same worship experience for those in the sanctuary and those watching from home. 

Our hope and goal is to get back to in-person worship as soon as we can.  At this point, I think we are looking at weeks, not months, before we are able to meet and record the service all the way through.