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August 9 2020 Worship Service Links

 Sermon Manuscript: "Denial"

Order of Worship/Bulletin:  August 9 2020

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Here are the links for the worship videos for August 9, 2020:

Sermon only: https://youtu.be/gf0bxoLDE-E 

This is the pre-recorded version of the service. The new equipment functioned well, but we want a little more time to fix some of the glitches. For example, I invited the congregation to stand for the opening song set — right in front of the cameras. Oops. There are some other things we learned while recording through the entire service with people in the pews in the sanctuary. 

Speaking of which, it was wonderful to have people there. We maxed out at 50. It was good to see all their smiling eyes (most of the rest of their faces were covered with masks; we only had a couple people with the clear screens). 

Thanks for all your prayers and support. 

Your brother in Christ,